Intense Vaccine Detox

Intense Vaccine Detox

Intense Vaccine Detox: 12-Day Detox and Quick Recovery Program

(By Dr. Edward Group)


What We Would do to Detoxify from the Jab, Shedding, Long Haulers, and the new Covid

We have been getting reports of a new wave of sickness that is coming from either the injection shedding, reactions to the shot or a new muted form of Covid.

Symptoms include: Nausea, fatigue, emotional rollercoaster, coughing - dry, no fever or low fever, stomach issues - not wanting to eat, pain and stiffness in legs, hips and calves, occasional headaches, brain fog, auto-immune, neurological issues, blood clotting, skin rashes, feeling tired in the afternoons, swelling of the eyes and face, oxygen depletion, strokes, menstrual issues, and not feeling like you can finish a workout.

Below is the 12-Day Recovery. To get these products, just click on the hyperlinks below.

  1. Floratrex (Pre- and Probiotic): Take three capsules, three times daily.
  2. Detoxadine (Organic Nascent Iodine): Take 4 full droppers (80 drops) by mouth 2x daily. Also rub 1 dropperful over the right lung and 1 dropperful over the left lung and apply 1 dropperful on both inner thighs 1x daily. Rub a small amount over the injection site 6x daily if you have received the injection.
  3. Organic Vitamin D: Take 20,000 IU twice daily.
  4. Organic Plant Based Zinc: Take 7mg 3x daily
  5. Organic Turmeric: Drink ¼ bottle 2x daily
  6. Veganzyme Enzymes: Take 3 capsules 1x daily between meals
  7. Plant-Based Quercetin Phytosome: Take 250mg 2x daily
  8. Mycozil (Candida & Flora Cleanse): Take 3 capsules 2x daily.
  9. Bio PQQ / CoQ10 / Shilajit: Take 2 capsules 2x daily. Protects the mitochondria and helps attack harmful organisms.
  10. Cuprous Nicotinic Acid (CU1):  1 capsule (.9mg) 2x daily in the morning and evening.
  11. Supercharged C60: - 10x more powerful than regular C60: Take 4 capsules, 2x daily.


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