When The Diagnosis Keeps Changing

When The Diagnosis Keeps Changing

When The Diagnosis Keeps Changing

By Dr. Val


An awful lot of people seem to be dropping like flies lately and most of it seems to be heart or stroke-related. How interesting that the variety of diagnoses that are given out can sometimes be as many as five during one week...on the same patient. The medical establishment seems to be puzzled; patients are scared and angry. Tests seem to bear out the diagnosis given for about a day or two and then new tests turn out completely different. Since many diseases are diagnosed by lab tests combined with physical symptoms, this is strange indeed.


To those who live in energetically powerful vortex areas the energies have intensified dramatically. There has been a steady buildup for quite some time now, leaving most of us feeling fatigued and battle-worn. Just getting through the day requires every bit of energy we have. Most have a tendency not to notice it so much unless there is a day or two of reprieve, when it feels easier, like back in the 1950's. The last time a few of us noticed that was around 2006-7, after a particularly gruesome three months that had most healers and psychics feeling they were lost behind enemy lines.


What is this strange energy? It has been called the Dark side, the Ascension process, the End of Times, the Gathering of the Elders, and many other names. It has even been attributed to the purposeful pollution of our atmosphere by chem-trailing and HAARP transmissions. Most energy workers have learned to simply go lay down when it gets bad but if one has to work outside the home that can be impossible. It can take anywhere from several hours to several days for the human energy field to adapt and stabilize from such drastic energy changes.


Some scientists have stated that we are heading into a foreign part of the Galaxy and an unknown energy source. No one seems to know what that might do to mammalian DNA. All we know, so far, is people are having some strange things happening. As a physician who has had to deal with some of the strangeness after patient visits to the emergency room, months of ineffective treatments, changing diagnoses and worsening symptoms, it’s eye-opening.


The confusion on both sides is understandable; when the tests we normally use to determine a diagnosis keep changing without explanation, what should one surmise? As an intuitive physician the best route seems to be to listen and keep an eye on the tests as well as carefully examining the patient in front of me. Many of my patients have thanked me for saving their lives when conventional medical treatments have failed them. While I'd like to be able to lay claim to being so brilliant that I caught what others missed, seeing the test results and symptoms, I agree with the diagnosis.


The difference that helps me and other intuitive doctors is that we unconsciously listen to what isn't being said. We somehow hear what the body is saying or feel what the problem might be. In other words, we take the SWAG route (Scientific Wild-A** Guess), bolstered by intuitive hits. By acting on what we inwardly know we pick the right treatment, which proves our choices by getting the patient well. Go figure.


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