Parasites in Humans

Parasites in Humans

Parasites in Humans

By Dr. Val


Parasites are anything that is living off a host, whether human, animal, or plant. They can be as small as a single-celled organism like yeast, to an actual insect or a tumorous growth. Parasites not only suck the organism’s life force but also cause problems with excretions of toxins into said lifeform. They can damage or destroy whatever organ they are found in as well as cause an over-all poisoning, depending on what type of parasite is involved. Parasites have life-cycles, just like other living organisms. They also have their preferred hosts and some require a couple different hosts to complete their life-cycles. Parasites are not to be confused with lifeforms that have a symbiotic relationship with hosts, such as the bacteria in our intestines, which provide necessary vitamins/minerals/enzymes that help us to be healthy.


Unless there is an overgrowth of parasites, most people don’t even notice them, but EVERYONE has some. They come from the foods we eat or drink, contact with soil, plants, or animals, from other people, and from airborne attacks such as chem-trails. Reportedly they are also included in “vaccinations” which are actually bioweapons...but THAT is a whole other subject. Symptoms of parasitosis run the gamut of vagueness: fatigue, vomiting/nausea, diarrhea, itching, rash, muscle pains, chills/fever, abdominal pain/bloating, cough, nodules/boils/bumps/lumps.


Conventional Medicine


Step 1 in conventional medicine is to establish the type of parasitic organism involved, which usually will involve lab tests and visual examination of the organism. If none can be easily seen the diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis may be declared and will follow the patient through the rest of their medical visits. Usually no further attempts will be made to find parasites. Step 2, if parasites are found, involves the appropriate drugs to kill the parasites. Step 3 is lab tests to confirm eradication of the parasites. Hydroxychloroquine is given as an anti-malarial, and Ivermectin is more of a broad-spectrum anti-parasitic that is usually given to children with pinworms, which is very common in kids due to sitting on the dirt. Both are quite safe and effective and have been used by millions of people all around the world for over 40 years. Here is a good list of types of parasites/symptoms:



Alternative Medicine


Step 1 in alternative medicine is the same as with conventional medicine: identify the parasitic organism. If none is found on first examination, a repeat exam will be done usually within 3 weeks, to catch any hatching eggs. If still no confirmation, the patient will be instructed to eat a high-sugar diet for 3 days, then the tests will be performed again (the parasites will come out of hiding to eat the sugar). Once confirmed, the appropriate drug or natural remedy will be applied, with repeat testing done in 3-6 weeks, until all clear. A detox to “open the emunctories” (organs of elimination) will be recommended to be sure everything gets cleared out. The appropriate remedies will include 3 stages of attack: anti-parasitic, then anti-bacterial, then anti-fungal. This is because the parasites harbor bacteria, which will come out when the parasites die off. Then when the anti-bacterial kills off the bacteria, which harbour fungi, an anti-fungal is given. After that comes another cleanse/detox. The patient will also be instructed in how to maintain a parasite-free existence but people tend to fall back into their normal habits, so it’s good to do a parasite cleanse at least twice a year.


Chinese medicine and acupuncture rely on the bitter herbs such as artemisia, myrr, salvia, clove, black walnut, etc (same for western botanical medicine). In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), bile is considered to have compounds that kill intestinal parasites, so herbs that increase bile are important.


Traditional homeopathy addresses not only the acute process but also the chronic miasm, combined with detox/cleansing. The treatment usually starts with a single dose Sulphur 200C, followed by Cina 30C one dose daily for about a month, to expel both parasites and their eggs. Usually a “constitutional” remedy will be given as well, to support normal body functioning; this type of remedy is determined in a homeopathic interview.


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